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>Pepperoni, Mushrooms, and Sausage, please. And I’d Like To Pay With a Visa.


I now have to say former Federal Immigration Minister Judy Sgro – she resigned today in the midst of her latest scandal so that she can actually defend herself. This is the first intelligent thing she’s done publicly that’s made the news in a significant way. As long as something is before the courts, it’s a conflict of interest for her to open her mouth about it while she’s the minister. She now has the freedom to sue the asses of the poor sod fighting deportation and his “witnesses.”

But really, free pizza for a smoothed out visa process? Could she actually be this stupid? Somehow I doubt it, in spite of the filed affidavit. Still, anything is possible – look at some of the other Tools we’ve elected to office, never mind some of the things that have fallen out of her mouth in the past.

Whether or not the story is true, I think Judy’s real problem is the moral and intellectual quality of people she hired to work for her and how disgruntled she made many of them when they were thrown out on their asses during house cleaning after the last election. It was probably a little late to figure out that they weren’t necessarily looking after her best interests in completely above board ways. Actually, the day after she hired most of them was probably a little late, but no one has ever accused a politician of being quick on the uptake that I’m aware of.

Still, in spite of doing something halfway intelligent for once, Mistress Sgro is today’s Tool because of all of the stupidities she’s committed to bring her to today’s decision. Apparently, it takes quite a number of smacks in the political head to get her to start using her brain.

Study the game a little more before you try to make a comeback, you Tool.


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