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A Movie of Their Own

A League Of Their Own

Last night as I was flipping through the limited selection of channels I get on my non-cable, non-satellite TV, I came across “A League of Their Own” on TVO kids.

I’m not a baseball fan, unless I happen to have a kid involved. I feel the same way about nearly every sport, actually.

I’m not a baseball movie fan. Not my thing. If I’m not into basball, why would a movie about the sport interest me.

I am, however, a bit of a Tom Hanks fan and I kind of like Gina Davis, too. So, even though I’d missed the first few minutes, I paused for a moment before moving to the next channel. That moment lasted something close to two hours as I enjoyed the movie. It’s a simple and straightforward story fictionalizing the founding and first season of the AAGPBL (All-American Girls Professional Baseball League), the replacement league set up near the end of World War II while the men were away, told through the eyes of the women of one of the teams and focusing on a few characters.

Apparently, I never finished writing this post.  Or the rest got lost somewhere along the line.  From what I remember, decent movie once you took out the baseball bits (which I didn’t find very exciting – surprise).


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