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A trip to the movie theatre

If you’re going to see a movie on Christmas Eve, I highly recommend doing it as a matinee.  Not too highly since I don’t want the theatre full if I try to do it next year, but definitely worth a thought.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been the guy who does most of his shopping on Christmas Eve – too much stress – although I think we finished on solistice this year.

My son’s birthday isn’t too long before Christmas.  Part of his gift this year was a “coupon” good for one trip to the movies with me.  His choice, Eragon as soon as possible.  Today was my next day off and since we were done shopping anyway, no one really objected to a trip to the theatre (the girls got to see Charlotte’s Web with Mommy so they were happy and didn’t feel left out over their brother claiming his present).

We shared Eragon with 5 other people.  Charlotte’s Web was similarly populated.  No line up for tickets or the concession stand and a choice of any seat we could possibly want as only one of those five people arrived before us.

The movie itself was surprisingly good, though I got the feeling that large swaths of plot had been excised – it is based on a 750 page novel, after all – to make things fit into an hour forty.  It definitely felt compressed but the acting was decent and the film visually impressive for both scenery and F/X, particularly the dragon.  I don’t hold out a lot of hope for anything in the theatre in recent years so when I do manage to see a good movie (and it’s really hard to get my money for something I think is only going to be ok), it stands out.  Eragon was worth the $6 I paid for each of us to see it.  I probably would have been less satisfied had the tickets been $12, but for half that it was a great film.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


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