Small Realities

Inside the mind of Lance Schonberg

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Actually, I wonder if there is a man behind the curtain.  If so, there’s not much going on inside his head.

Stevie has decided that the ruling Conservatives need both an energy plan and an evnironmental plan.  Someone with a brain cell has decided that maybe these two things might be kind of related a little bit.  Bam!  ecoENERGY is born.  Unfortunately, everything announced in this wonderful plan so far has basically been a rehash of what the Liberals were trying to promise pre-election with different titles and a few dollars moved around here and there.  The lovely claim that the “incentives” in Friday’s announcement amount to 4 gigawatts (the Liberals claim they would have delivered 12) of clean power rests on a lot of assumptions and equating the greenhouse gas savings to pulling 1 million cars off the road is a wonderful pipe dream (CP care of Yahoo).  (I’d be more impressed, though still more cynical, if he equated it to 1 million soot-spewing transport trucks.)  Does anyone really believe that those 4 gigawatts will actually replace some of the dirty power generation?  Ask the Ontario Liberals how that works.  Never mind that the $1.5 billion in funding is a ten-year incentive program.  He expects to be in power for 10 years?  There’s no accounting for ego, I guess.  Whatever happened to promising what you can actually deliver today?

Next announcement is rumoured to be the Conservative edition of the Energuide program (cancelled by the Cons not long after being elected last year).  Don’t expect major differences, just different terminology and a different method of doctoring the numbers.



My greatest wish for Stephen Harper:
That he were just a little sharper.
A few more neurons might help him see
Just what it is he needs to be.
Perhaps then he’d come to realize
For most of Canada, he’s been no prize.


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