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Full Political Debate

Regardless of opposition parties currently backing away from bringing down the government right now, there is an election coming in Canada and it’s likely less than a year away.  Possibly much less.  One never knows and politics is a strange game.

I’m not currently a member of any political party and never have been.  That may change, it may not.  I tend to vote my conscience and listen to what’s actually said on the issues.  I lean to the left on many issues, to the right on a handful.  Probably you’d say I’m part of the mushy middle.  Wherever I am in the spectrum, I’m a big fan of electoral reform and fairness in the system.  We haven’t got that fairness right now and it’s been a while since it’s been around.

Love the Green Party or hate it, it gathered 2/3 of a million votes in the last election.  Not bad for the pathetic amount of funding they get, the negligible amount of media coverage, and the exclusion from leadership debates.  A significant voice that someone doesn’t want a lot of us to hear.

Think about it.

Demand Democratic Debates -


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