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The Most Annoying Singer

So I’ve decided to try an experiment. With the exception of the two vacations I have planned this summer with my family, I’m going to attempt to blog something every day. Nothing big because I don’t want it to become a chore or something to drag my focus away from the novel I’m working on, but something more than I’ve been doing and probably on the order of 100 words or so.

Today’s post will be about annoying musicians. My homepage is set on Yahoo (and no, I don’t want to discuss the relative merits of various search engines), and just before I click the button that opens my e-mail, I notice a link labelled “Ten Most Annoying Singers of All Time“. How do you not follow that link? Of the people I’ve actually heard of on the list, I dont’ find it difficult to agree with the assessment, but imagine my disappointment when I didn’t find Aaron Neville, The Bee Gees, or Neil Young on the list. I swear, the man’s voice is like someone scraping their fingernails across my brain and I know I’m not the only one who thinks so.

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21,827 / 70,000

But I do think it’s going to come in around 60k. We’ll see.

Until tomorrow.


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