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Paying Attention on the Road

Further to yesterday, and yes I know driving is a running theme with me, probably because I do so much of it, I thought I’d share a poem I wrote several years ago when I was still commuting to and from Mississauga twice per week.  If this is your license plate number, then I’m sorry but you were being an idiot and almost caused several accidents in less than a minute.

AFMR 816

Yes, I mean you, you stupid tool
Find your way to a driving school
Silver Chevy Optra LS
You never learned to drive, I guess
I’ve seen you do some stupid things
Like you’re looking for some angel’s wings
The book is filled with rules, it’s true
But I guess those don’t apply to you
I hope that when you crash your ass
There’s no one else to smell the gas
But if I thought that, then I’d be dumb
There’s millions more where you came from

Something on a different subject tomorrow.  I promise.  Four out of the last six posts, counting this one, have had something to do with my car.  And I love my car, by the way.  Honda Fit, but we’re not going to have that discussion today.


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