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What I'm Not Watching

This is me ignoring the Olympics completely.  Really.  I hope our athletes bring home several plance loads of medals, but I can’t watch.  At this point, it’s the only way I have to punish the IOC for giving the Olympics to a country with China’s human rights record.  Yes, that does make sense.  Make the audience smaller.  This makes the revenues smaller for the CBC and, eventually, trickles back to the IOC.  Yes, I’m probably deluding myself and even if I’m not it’s a very tiny difference and millions of people need to join me for it to have any kind of real impact.

So what are you waiting for?

And please, no one try to say that there’s nothing political about the Olympics.  Until the athletes actually hit the floor, it’s all about politics and I’m not interested in making the Chinese government look good until they start actually being good.  Someday, I hope, but not today.


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