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Arise Ye Faithful Dead

Draft number two of the zombie story is finished and my two first readers have promised to have it back to me by Saturday after work with comments.  From there, I’ll have eight days to make any changes and do any polishing I want to do before the submission deadline of August 31st.

I like how it reads.  I like how it ends.  I hope my first readers do, too.  And just as importantly, I hope the editor of the anthology I’m submitting to (The World Is Dead) likes it, too.  I just really don’t know.

That’s one of the really weird things about being a writer: whatever you might think of the work, it’s only a good story if someone else wants to read it.  Unless you’re just writing it for yourself and then you’re the only audience that matters.  Me, I’m trying to move in the direction of a bigger audience and that means opening your soul up to criticism and rejection.

I’ll post when it goes out and probably when it comes back, whatever the response is.  Wish me luck.


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