Small Realities

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A Word from the Wiser

Wiser than I was this afternoon, anyway.  For reference, the motor in my lawn mower gets really, really hot.  Yours too, probably.  And how, exactly, do I know this, you may ask?  Well, I bumped up against one of those garden rocks that I hate and the left front wheel dropped itself to the lowest level which will make it stick on the tiniest little bump never mind cutting the grass unevenly.  So I shut off the mower and reached down to move the clip for that wheel back up to the middle level.  In so doing, I brushed against what must be the hottest part of the little engine (and why is this spot exposed?).

Total contact time was some not too large fraction of a second, but the result is a roughly 1 cm squared patch of seared skin on the back of my hand just behind the pinkie knuckle.  Blistered instantly and hurt like hell.  But it doesn’t any more.  At all.  Just a thick, white spot that’s stiff and wrinkled and numb.  Completely numb.  Not that I’m looking for the pain to come back, but some sensation when I touch it would be nice.

Moral of the story: um, pay attention to where your hands are, I guess.  Unless you really want another scar, that is.


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