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Short SF

Lately, I don’t seem to be reading as much short fiction as I normally do.  Odd, because I really enjoy short fiction in both of my preferred genres.  I picked up the current volume (the 25th) of Gardner Dozois’ annual Year’s Best Science Fiction collection to fill this void.  Thirty-two stories and something over 300k words (claimed by the cover) so it should keep me busy for a while.  I’ve got several volumes of the series around and have given a couple of others as gifts in recent years and while I haven’t like all of the thirteen stories I’ve read so far, I don’t regret reading any of them.

I haven’t traditionally bought the equivalent volume for fantasy as it lumps together with horror, but considering my own recent foray into the genre, I’m giving that a second thought.  If you think you can write something, you should try to read some of it if only to see where you’re at.

On an almost related note, I sent out “The Last Eclipse” several days ago and now need to give a final polish to “Dragon Gold” before I try to find it a home.


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