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My big writing news is that I sold a story.  Applause, cheering, and fist pumping in the air.  So I’m not completely delusional.  Well, maybe I am, but at least I’ve got a little writing ability to go with it, which is very nice to have a little external confirmation of.  The particulars: it’s a short piece called “Absence of Garlic” and will appear in the October issue of Bards and Sages Quarterly, a new on-line and print magazine that published its first issue in January.  When the calendar rolls a little closer to publication, I’ll post details like the exact publication date (which I don’t know yet) and who else will be in the issue.  In the meantime, please feel free to drop by their website and check things out because, obviously, the editor there has a great deal of taste and discrimination.  Sorry, it’s hard not to be pleased with myself at the moment, but definitely have a look at Bards and Sages, now or when my issue hits, preferably both.  (My issue.  I just got a shiver.)

Staying with the writing theme, I thought I’d start doing a monthly writing update to do a combination of keeping me honest about my progress and letting anyone who’s interested know where I’m really at.  Since I didn’t do one for January, I’ll briefly hit both months of 2009 to date this round.

Words of new fiction:

January: 35,975 – a pretty productive month, overall, with about 22k of those words on the Norse SF novel.

February: 29,328 – only 8800 of those on the half-finished novel I decided to put it away)

First Draft Stories completed:

January:  zero – my short fiction through January took a back seat (or maybe a different vehicle) to the novel, but all three of the stories I finished in February began sometime in January.

February:  three, with two more started in February finished in the first couple of days of March.

Submissions out:  January – 5, February – 8; only two so far for March, but plenty to get moving.

Rejections received:  January – 6, February – 5; overall four of these had actual feedback involved while the rest were basically form responses, if personalized.

So January was a very productive month and February a lighter but shorter one, plus I took four days off so still not bad overall.  Looking at the rest of this month, March could go either way depending on how much of March Break I actually take off from writing.  I have most of it off work, so there’s going to be a lot of family time, but I’m not planning to switch back from nights all at once, so I’ll probably still get a little writing in during the first three or four days.  We’ll see how it goes, but with no novel currently in progress, it should be a good month for short stories.

So, was that too much detail?  Maybe I should just post when I have real news like a publication or a really great rejection.  You tell me.


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