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On FB and Twitter in the last couple of days, you may have caught me posting or Tweeting about some kind of "Interview".  Well, I’m happy to say that it’s over.  The "Interview" referred to a 4+ hour process in a bid for a promotion to Dual Rate Pit Manager (for those not in the Casino business, promotions are done in half steps, so the Dual Rate part means you’re only a Pit Manager sometimes and remain a Floor Supervisor the rest of the time, but I digress).  The process consisted of Problem Solving and Time Management testing, essay questions, an actual interview, a mock meeting, and an unfortunate kick in the groin we’ll call a Scheduling Exercise, in that order for me, though the other candidates rotated through the same tasks beginning at different points.  Through the wringer it was.  An interesting, challenging, draining experience, and I’ll find out if I got the job when they tell me (never ask for an internal position – you’re not going anywhere, anyway).

So, this is neither about writing nor being a dad, why is it on The Adventures of Writing Dad?  Well, it was certainly an adventure, if of the ordinary kind that many people get to experience at various points in their lives (intense job interview), but it’s going to affect both my writing and parenting if I get the job (fingers crossed, but there’s no point in stressing now).

For parenting, my schedule would get a little more variable than it already is – you people who work office hours don’t know how lucky you are, and I used to be one of you.  Not really much more than a minor inconvenience, but I’d also graduate into a new bracket of people when it comes to vacation picks and start at the bottom of the list, but not everyone has kids so I might still get March break next year if I get the promotion.

For writing, I’ll lose some writing time.  As a Supervisor, I have more or less regular breaks (even when I’m Relief and get to make sure everyone else gets theirs) at regular intervals.  I write on about half of those, time-wise, and eat/socialize on the other half.  During the writing portion of my breaks, I get anywhere between 400 and 600 words per day, which is a nice little boost to whatever I happen to be working on.  Pit Managers need to be a lot more flexible.  Breaks can be rather irregular both in frequency and duration.  Comes with the job.  Which means I’d lose a lot of that bonus writing time at work.  The challenge there would be to not make it up at home because that would take time away from my family and they suffer plenty of inconvenience with my work schedule now.  Since most of my deadlines are self-imposed, I should be able to manage that.

Do I want the job?  I’ll take a "Hell, yeah" here if anyone wants to throw one out, but I’ll also suck at it for a while until I figure things out and I’m okay with that.  I’ll get better. 😉

Am I going to have to make some life adjustments if I get it?  Don’t you have to with any job?  The fiction totals in the May writing report might be somewhat lower than in the (pretty impressive even if not quite over yet) April, but it’s about quality, not quantity (says the man obsessed with numbers).  Quality.

Wish me luck.  Well, too late for that, really.  I’ve done all I can do until and unless I actually get the job.  Wish me the job.  <g>


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