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The April Writing Report




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And so the monthly ritual report to keep myself honest to the world, or at least the tiny fraction of it reading my blog.  April was a good month for writing, but not so much for editing of previously finished work.  May will likely be more of the same, but I am going to try to get a few more things into later stages if I can, probably by slowing down on the novel a bit to give myself a little more editing time.  I’ve got several more weeks left in New Zealand Standard Time, so that will help a little in the short term. 

Words of New Fiction: 37,351 which is definitely my most productive month since I started keeping track.  23,099 words of that is work on the novel/trilogy, which I’ve code named Triad for a variety of reasons, and another 4,140 on what I’ve semi-plotted as a short novel.  The remainder, barely more than 10k, was on short stories. 

First Draft Stories Completed: 2.  Okay, not exactly stellar, but 10,000 words isn’t really all that much and I’ve got two more nearly finished.  Yes, I seem to have fallen into the trap of working on multiple things at once again, but that seems to be how my brain works.  If I can do most of the work on one thing, I’m doing well. 

Submissions Out: 2.  Again slim, but I’ve been focusing on getting pieces of the big story out of my head.  May will likely be higher. 

Rejections Received: 1.  That’s got to be the least since I started submitting, but then I’ve currently got only nine stories out looking for homes, so I can’t expect news every day. 

Stories Sold: 2!  This is a big deal.  I’ve blogged both of these acceptances already, but to reiterate, “Searching for the Sea Monster” is going to appear in the Severed Press anthology Dead Bait, and “Mikey” will appear in an upcoming issue of Staffs and Starships, possibly as soon as the end of May but I haven’t received word on actual publication date yet.  “Mikey” is my third sale, but looks like it will be my first in-print appearance. 

As far as editing does, I’m planning to start correction notes for Heroes Inc in the next few days.  As I blogged a few days ago, this might be a salvageable story, but I have to be meaner to my protagonist. 

And I’m rather enjoying the flash fiction audio process for the 100 Word Stories weekly challenge.  Every week is different, but it’s not that hard to find fifteen minutes if I don’t need any voices other than my own. 

Wow.  Three blog entries in less than a week.  I’d better go lie down.


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