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I’m in odd company.  Today’s front page on Everyday Weirdness is my own weird story, "The Monkey Is Only Bait".  Yes, I know I posted that yesterday and I’ve tweeted it a couple of times today and will do so a couple more between now and sleep.  I’m sorry if this is saturating everyone, but it’s pretty exciting for me.  The timeline from acceptance to publication was less than two days so it’s both my latest acceptance and my first publication of 2009.  (Actually my second paid publication, but that’s a subject for another post.)  And I’m definitely in odd company.  If you like weird fiction, Everyday Weirdness publishes a new flash piece every day.  Read more than just mine.  Some really good stuff to be found here.

I’ll make sure to put a permanent link to the story when it moves to archive tomorrow.  Here’s the permanent link to my story.  Sadly, at this point there’s still no bio attached.


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