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September Writing Report

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Starting with the Big News this time,

Stories Sold:  0.  However, on the 1st of October, within a few hours of each other, I received two separate acceptances.

The first was into the Library of Horror anthology, Alienology: Tales From the Void. (The –ology is sort of a running theme with the publisher.)  The anthology is filled and closed, but it’s still got to go through the whole editing and design process before going to print.  Oh, and the story’s title is “Common Ground”.

Acceptance #2 came in the form of “Inside the Circle” being accepted for the Ricasso press anthology Through Blood and Iron.  Rob Santa, the editor/publisher really enjoyed my bad guy, which gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling of accomplishment.

Stories gone to print:  2.

Dead Bait went up on Amazon on the 18th, although I think the pub date is listed as the 15th.  “Searching for the Sea Monster” is in here.  Don’t let my lame title fool you, the story is rather creepy.  I can’t wait to read the rest of the anthology.  No, it hasn’t arrived yet – it’s shipping from Australia.

The October issue of Bards and Sages Quarterly hit on the 1st of October (yes, also not in September, but I’m still only spilling over one day).  “Absence of Garlic” is in this, the first sale I made this year all the way back in March.  It’s available both electronically from RPG Now and as a physical magazine from Amazon/Createspace.

Words of New Fiction:  24706.  Highest total for a while, even with the amount of later drafts I got done on various stories.  Largest new word count since April, actually, but that was an insane writing month.  This is the writing benefit I have when working nights.  Not only do I get in a little writing on breaks at work, usually five or six hundred words worth, I don’t go to bed as soon as I get home so have some time then too, even after adding in a little housework.

First Draft Stories Completed:  9, although one of these was a mid-size reworking of an earlier story and another took the basic plot of something I never finished, twisted it, and finished.  And two were flash pieces under 1000 words.

Submissions Out:  3.  Okay, this was laziness even though one of those three became a sale (“Common Ground”).  The October number will be higher – aside from the stories I need to do research to send out, there are four anthologies closing this month I intend to submit to, three of which I’ve completed the first or later draft for.  The fourth is in progress.  There are three more I’d like to try out, but time is limited.

Rejections Received:  1.  “For Whom the Gnome Tolls” received a second positive rejection, though of a different sort from the first.  I have high hopes of finding a home for this story and I’m trying to figure out where to send it next.

I didn’t do much with Heroes Inc, and may not in October, either.  I think I may save the heavy edits for January when things are a little quieter.  Of course, I’m thinking about another novel-sized project, too.

“Turn the World Around”: didn’t make as much progress with this as I would have liked.  A touch over half way through the second draft and I don’t think I’ve left a single sentence intact along the way, plus it’s nearly three thousand words longer than when I started.  I finished the original first draft on the 2nd of November 2007, so this was something I wrote only a couple of months after I first started writing again.  The story is good, I think, but the writing hurts sometimes.  Hope that means I’m better now than I was then.

September was more productive and I hope to maintain the pace through October.  Plans include the previously mentioned shorts, a lot of editing, and a little breathing space.  Plus a few blog entries.  We’ll see how things go.


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