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Dead Bait

Yes, again.  A little different this time, though.  My contributor’s copy came today which was very exciting for me.  This is my third publication to see light this year, but only the second in physical form and the first that I actually get to hold.  So I thought I’d post a couple of pictures of the book as relevant.  No, there’s no picture of me holding up the book next to my face.  I think I can only look like a dork doing that.  Still, this post is probably pretty dorky anyway.  We’ll see.

So, here’s the book sitting on my dining room table:

My line in the copyright notices, just above my middle finger.

And here I am in the table of contents:

And the actual page my story begins on (230).

Not exactly spectacular photography, but then I’ve never claimed any talents in that direction.  You might note the difference in title between the copyright notice and contents and the first page of the story.  The title page is correct and if the book goes to a second printing, I hope to get it fixed.  Not a huge difference, but an important one to me.

"Searching for the Sea Monster" is, I think, an odd little story that I hope everyone will enjoy.  I’m looking forward to the reading the rest of the anthology which I plan to start before bed this morning.


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