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The Submission Blitz and Other Things

It’s odd for me to have weekends off, but when it happens, I’m usually working nights. Theoretically, any night off should then be a productive one writing-wise, even accounting for everything else that needs to be done while the rest of the house is asleep. This weekend, I determined to stop being so lazy about getting my own work turned around and submitted to new markets or actually send it out in the first place. After a tremendous amount of research (because I get side tracked reading every place there’s stuff to read) on Saturday night, last night I did up cover letters and spent time on formatting to get 12, yes 12, stories out. At this instant, I have no stories that are ready to go. They’ve all gone somewhere. Many, undoubtedly, will come back for an, but for today they’re all seeking homes.  My "desk" is clear, for now.

As far as new writing goes, well, I did a tiny bit of editing on one project and outlined a short story that I’m not quite sure how to classify yet.

As important as my own work, I also began reading submissions and answering queries for “Distant Worlds” this weekend. I honestly didn’t expect any submissions for a little while since a 20-30k word story isn’t something you bang off in a couple of days, but there are obviously a few out there ready to go. Better for me.

This weekend, or at least Sunday overnight, I was supposed to do the bulk of the first round of drywall patches in the kitchen. There’s a reason for the ugly wallpaper we’d left up since moving in at the end of 2002. Actually, there are a lot of reasons and I’m patching them. Should be able to finish the rest of the first round when I get home in the morning.

Wendy Wagner of ( has passed on to me, the Kreativ Blogger Award.  More on that tomorrow, but for now I’m happy to say thanks Wendy!


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