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Voice Acting Credits

In a similar vein to a post last month, I thought it might be fun to post a list of my voice acting credits. Hardly an additional career, this is something I do for fun in those oh so many moments of free time I’ve got. Websites linked in where they exist as some of this isn’t available yet. Still a few auditions outstanding, too, so other things might show up here and I’ll update as they do. The list is in reverse order, most recent first.

Paul Gurdy, Zombie Cola, T. Patrick Rooney
Nightblast, Transformers, Episode 1
Krantz, H.G. World, Season 0, Episodes 4, 6
Tree, W.I.T.C.H. The Year Before, Episode 1
Gate Guard 1, The Fallen Angel, Episode 8
Rigadon, Doctor Who: Around the World
French Guard, Treasure Hunters, Episodes 4, 5
Mormon Man 3, A Study In Scarlet, production unfortunately cancelled

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