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Turn the World Around

So while I should have been shovelling the driveway, since the house was so quiet, I decided to sit down and finish my editing pass of the very last scene in "Turn the World Around". I dug this novella, written in the fall of 2007, out a few months ago and read through it. The writing was very rough, almost painful at times, not always complete, and with a POV character who didn’t always stay in character, but I still really liked the story. I hope see all that is a reflection of my writing having gotten a lot better in the last two years.

I started the second draft at the end of August this year and have plucked away at it in between other projects until this afternoon. I doubt there’s more than a dozen intact sentences left from the first draft. For comparison: 1st draft = 23,728 words, 2nd draft = 30,322. Kind of a big increase, but I think it’s a much stronger story. And I like it even more. Yes, it’s my story so I’m supposed to like it. That’s not the point. What is? Sometime during the second draft I decided I liked the story enough to try doing something with it.

Novellas are hard to sell. I may or may not try. Whether I do or not, I intend to podcast it next year. In my last post, I said I might. There is no might. I’m going to do it. The story needs a couple more editing passes and an external pair of eyes or two to catch any plot holes and typos I miss, but podcasting "Turn the World Around" has been made an integral part of next year’s Master Plan. The decision that’s left is whether to do a straight read or a full voice cast. I haven’t actually done a character count, but I think there are fewer than 20 speaking parts and half of those have only a few lines, so it might be fun to do it that way. The story should break nicely into 10 or 12 episodes, longer than the Star Trek audio drama I also intend to produce, currently in the hands of my script consultant.

If you’re curious, here’s the original inspiration for the story. I should probably go shovel now.


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