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2009 Goals – Final Report





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On January 1st, I opened this blog with 10 goals for 2009.  Here’s the end of the year progress report on those goals.


  1. Be a better husband and father.  I think so, but only my wife and kids really know.  I’m making this resolution again for 2010, just like I do every year.  Family first.
  2. Write a novel that doesn’t suck.  Maybe I should just have said write a novel.  Either way, I missed this one.  I started two different novels in 2009 and wrote a combined 70,000 words on them, buut didn’t come close to finishing either.
  3. Transcribe the drawer of Notes.  Less than half done.  Partial success, but I’m going to have to keep working on this one.
  4. A minimum of fifty-two blog entries here.  This is post number seventy-five.  Win.
  5. Twenty-four story submissions.  Sixty-eight.  Far more than success.  At the beginning of the year, I thought twenty-four sounded like a lot.  But things sometimes move faster than you expect and now I know better.
  6. Attend my first Convention.  Paleoboy and I went to FanExpo in Toronto.  Lots of fun, but we felt a little rushed only spending one day there.  Next year he wants to dress up.
  7. An online Speculative Fiction magazine or a podcast or both.  I’ve been doing some voice acting, with more on the horizon, and some very short stories in audio form, and I’ve started putting together the first of two anthologies for Library of Science Fiction and Fantasy Press.  Not exactly a podcast of my own or a magazine, but similar enough to both that I’m going to give a pass on this one.
  8. Run the Ottawa Marathon in May.  My physical year got blown to hell with knee problems, a lung infection, more knee problems, and Hamthrax (Swine Flu).  The knee problems are either caused by or result from several small “free floating bodies” behind my left kneecap.  At this point, we don’t know if they’re made of bone or cartilage, but it’s likely to take minor surgery to get rid of them.  I’ve been given permission to run again and I’m easing back into it.  The Ottawa Half Marathon is a possibility.  Maybe.
  9. Sprint distance triathlon/duathlon.  See why I didn’t run the marathon.  Cycling actually works for me, but running has been tough or non-existent for most of this year and my left knee really doesn’t like the motion involved in swimming.  A minute of actual swimming and I’m limping for an hour afterward.  Not so good.
  10. Shed some weight.  Well, I’m finishing the year at 197 – my weight has held stable about there for the last few weeks.  The lowest it got was 192, after the lung infection in the spring, but that was artificial and naturally came back up on its own.  Still, I started the year at 202-205, depending on the bench mark I want to use (pre- or post-holiday gorging), so I’m down a bit.  Really, I’d be happy to lose the another five pounds each year for the next three or four.


So, half of this year’s goals can be called a success, and the judgment of number one is out of my hands.  With a little less in the way of health issues, I think I could have made at least one of 8 and 9.


Goals for 2010

  1. Be a better husband and father.
  2. Keep plugging away at the Drawer of Notes.  The way I wrote this is a bit of a cop out because I don’t think I’ll finish the whole drawer this year; the phrasing gives me permission not to push too hard at the expense of other things.
  3. A Half Marathon or a Duathlon.  This one is the most in doubt, depending almost completely on the functionality of my left knee.
  4. Shed some weight.  Like I said above, I’ll be happy with another five pounds.
  5. The 40 Acts of Creation.  This is the big one since it involves 40 projects of varying sizes.


Realistic this year, but still a challenge, particularly the last one.


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