Small Realities

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And So It Begins… Fri-Ku

In keeping with the Year of Creation theme, I hereby unveil the first bonus project, not one of the 40 Acts.  Every Friday (well, maybe not every Friday, but I’ll try), I’ll post an haiku here, and probably on Twitter too which means it will make it to Facebook.  Overkill?  Anyway, haiku on Friday.  Friday haiku.  Fri-ku.  Feel free to groan.  I do.

Strictly speaking, haiku are short poems of Japanese descent.  In English, three lines with 5, 7, and 5 syllables is the norm.  I’m not going into syllabic information density or a cutting word/punctuation mark or seasonal references or anything else.  I know haiku can be as complicated as you want to make it, I’m just not going to make it complicated.  I may not always go with the 5-7-5 metric, but I usually will and I did with this one.  Enjoy.

Snowflakes on the wind
Whipping across road and field
My drive is longer

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