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Year of Creation Update #6




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Quick and dirty update this week as I’m trying to focus my efforts on a couple of specific things.  All thrusters still firing, but with a particular short term goal in mind.  Distant Worlds.  In the last couple of days, I’ve done very little writing, more or less this blog post and a couple of scenes in Act #6.  I’m going to keep my own pace slow until I’ve got a TOC for Distant Worlds and have started into the reading for Distant Realms.  There are a couple of later drafts I need to do for short stories with deadlines, but the year is young and I’ve got plenty of time.

Act 1: Project Stoneweaver. A little over 25,000 words and more or less sticking to the outline, barring a new minor character referred to in the first chapter who’s now actually going to be in the story and a murder suspect.

Act 5: Short Story #2. Pilgrimage is complete at 5,600 words.  I’m pretty happy with how the first draft turned out.  Future drafts for the future and not a lot of time for editing lately anyway.

Act 6: Short Story #3. The story with 100 100-word scenes. 11 complete and I’ve got a solid idea of where the story’s going.  Still no title, but since I’ve got 92 scenes left to write, that’s probably okay.

Act 26: Distant Worlds anthology. 2 stories left to read.  Still not quite where I’d hoped to be, but I’m feeling pretty good about my progress in the last couple of days, really for the first time since submissions closed.  More time devoted here than anywhere else and pretty much all of the spare time I had this “weekend”.  Holding to my commitment to read every story start to finish.

Act 27: Distant Realms anthology. Twelve submissions, still haven’t started reading.  I may have to keep the pace for a while

Act 28: “Star Trek: Fractured Unity”. The casting call is up at VAA and I’ve popped it on my Facebook page and Twitter several times.  I think there should be more places for it to go, but that was on my original list for this past “weekend”.  See my comments under Distant Worlds to know why that didn’t happen, but know that it will.  Here’s the link to the casting call if you’re curious.

Bonus Acts: Small Realities isn’t much further along than last week.  Still hoping to drop the 15th, but that will depend a lot on the next few days leisure time, if any.  I think I’ve got theme music now, though.

Like I said quick and dirty. Next Update, February 17th.


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