Small Realities

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Lack of Podcast

Yes, today is the 15th of February, the day I’d originally planned to drop the first episode of “Small Realities”.  I’ve learned several things in the past few days resulting in my making a few critical decisions about my creative path over the next few weeks/months.  The relevant one here is that I’m going to hold off on the podcast for a little bit as I rearrange my “online presence” a little and get things ready to go on a couple of fronts.  Not too long, probably only a couple of weeks, but there it is.

The first episode, when I’m finished with the prep work, will feature a flash piece called “Highway Pirates” with Paleoboy as a guest voice.  It’s got a few sound effects, too, or will when I’ve put them in, so I hope it turns out well.  The plan is that it will also have a poem in it and potentially a second flash piece – I’ve recorded several of each and need to pick.

I’m also obsessing a bit over theme music and I’ve spent a lot of time at Magnatune and other places listening to a lot of great stuff but have yet to find the music that tells me I must use it.  Soon.

So, podcast coming but not quite yet.  Other stuff definitely coming, too, but my focus at the moment is the final line up for Distant Worlds.

Stay tuned.


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