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Some Announcements

Several things to report with great joy.

First, my story “The Cliffs of God” received the honour of acceptance at Bards & Sages Quarterly yesterday.  It’s a great quarterly magazine publishing genre stories under 2,000 words.  “The Cliffs of God” will be my third appearance there, in this year’s October issue.  “Absence of Garlic” ran in the October 2009 issue and “The Helgron Speak” makes its appearance on April 1st.  Three very different stories finding a home in the same place.  And “Cliffs” makes my fifth short story acceptance this year.

Another story placed recently, “There’s Always Time” will appear in Time In a Bottle 2, an anthology from Crystalwizard Productions, later this year.  Can’t wait to see what it’s going to look like.

April 1st is actually a double release day for me.  It’s also the day “On Schedule” goes up on AlienSkin Magazine.  “On Schedule” is a 600-word flash piece that I`m going to call SF.  We can fight about labels after you’ve read it.

Finally, and I know I mentioned it in last week’s YoC update, but I’ve made the final selections for Distant Worlds.  Five great stories going into this book and I’m thrilled to be one step closer to sharing it with the world.

Posting a Year of Creation update tomorrow that I should probably think about writing, but I need to finish reading a story for Distant Realms tonight.  Might wind up being a very short post.


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