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Year of Creation Update #10

A light week as far as my own work goes, but some good progress on reading for Distant Realms.  The next couple of weeks should show a lot of progress across the board.  Between March Break and a week of vacation, I hope to get a lot done.  Here’s where things stand at the moment.

Act 1: Project Stoneweaver. Word count now a little under 33,000.  Targeting 250 words per day as I catch up on Distant Realms reading.  But any progress is good, right.

Act 6: Short Story #3. Codename “100 Scenes”.  The first 30 of those scenes are complete, to a first draft at least, and I’m building up to the next major challenge.  It still needs a real title.

Act 7: Short Story #4. First draft of “A Grand Tradition” should get finished this coming weekend.

Act 26: Distant Worlds anthology.  More on this as we push toward publication.

Act 27: Distant Realms anthology.  Twenty-four submissions so far and I’ve responded to six.  Catching up, but the 42 day average response time is a bit off the 4 weeks I’d originally been shooting for.  If I can keep up the current pace, it should go down from here.

Act 28: Star Trek – Fractured Unity.  Coming up on the original deadline I set for auditions and I’ve received more audtions.  I’ve had other people express interest without sending audio yet, but remain hopeful.  And if I have to go recruiting, that’s alright.

Bonus Acts: Not so much an act of creation, but the act of creating a short- to mid-term plan for what I hope to accomplish creatively.  I had 2010 fairly well plotted out, and if the 2010 plan is insane, the extended version is only a little less crazy looking at the next couple of years.  It’s also a lot more general fashion and I’m putting a framework around the creative part of it to transition (again) from this basic blog to a hosted website, and start building a stronger presence, brand, and audience.

Half of that last paragraph felt really weird to type, but one of the goals of every writer is to be able to make some part of your living writing, and that needs an audience.  Presenting yourself to that potential audience requires a web presence and that presence needs to be coherent, hence a brand.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that publishing is a business, however much you enjoy your art.

That’s all for now.  Next Update one week from today.


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