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Year of Creation Update #11

It’s been a productive week.  With my family abandoning me to go skiing over March break while I slave away to bring home a paycheque, I’m trying to keep extremely busy to avoid remembering that I’m alone.  Tremendous amounts of creative work, many household chores, and cleaning up after the previously mentioned minor flood on Pi Day.

Act 1: Project Stoneweaver. Word count now stands at a touch over 42,000.  Yes, a big jump in the last seven days, but remember I’ve had the house completely to myself this week.  It’s also closing in on the half way mark of the 90k I originally projected, although I think that with the plot adjustments I’ve made in the last few chapters, it’s going to wind up around 95k.

Act 6: Short Story #3. Codename “Thorvald’s Wyrd”, formerly “100 Scenes”.  Thirty-four scenes complete and bad things are about to happen to my poor hero.  Hope he survives.

Act 7: Short Story #4. First draft of “A Grand Tradition” did not shape up like I wanted.  Stalled without completion, in fact.  Taking a couple of days to think about it before I shred the story looking for the good bits and turn the existing plot into a pretzel.

Act 26: Distant Worlds anthology.  Potential edits have begun.

Act 27: Distant Realms anthology.  I’ve received twenty-eight submissions so far, just one less than the total number of submissions for Distant Worlds.  Not sure why that should surprise me considering the popularity of Fantasy in the last decade or so.  It’s worth noting that at this point in the submission process for DW, I’d received seventeen stories.  If I were obsessed with numbers, I’d use that fact to predict a total of 47 or 48 submissions for DR.  Oh, and Ten responses out so far, so I’m slowly catching up.

Act 28: Star Trek – Fractured Unity.  Did not get enough auditions to fill all the roles, but the auditions I did get were excellent.  Parts will be on offer momentarily, I’m extending deadline to get some more auditions, and I’m going to start recruiting.  You’ve got a microphone, don’t you?  Drop me a line.  Yes, you.  This will happen.

Bonus Acts: nothing I could call a bonus this week, other than fleshing out the Five Year Plan.  Not sketching out what I’m going to be writing in each of those years, but these are the major goals, the steps I’m going to take towards them, and the types of projects that will likely be involved.  An excellent time waster, but also setting things up in my head to make the whole shebang achievable.

That’s all for now.  Next Update on March 24th.


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