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Year of Creation Update #16/17

No update last week for a variety of reasons.  Things are settling down and I’m slipping back into a routine.  Here’s a quick rundown over YoC activities for the last two weeks

Act 7: Short Story #4. “A Grand Tradition”.  Chopped into several pieces and now regarded as completely unfinished.  I’d thought it was close, but the story just doesn’t work.  My submission to this anthology was the story I alluded to in the last Update, titled “Waiting for Spring”.  It’s a much stronger story, I think, and I hope the editor likes it.  The question is whether it fits the theme in her mind.  It works for me, but the editor will usually have a vision of how things should go.  We’ll see.

Act 26: Distant Worlds anthology.  Edits still in progress.  This is a lot of time and effort to do right.  And I hope I’m doing it right.

Act 27: Distant Realms anthology.  Still reading.  Eighteen stories left in the first round queue.

Act 28: Star Trek – Fractured Unity.  Listening to auditions from Episode 1 submissions and probably making part offers tonight or tomorrow.  However, no one seems inclined to audition for most of the cannon characters.  I haven’t gotten a reading yet for Kirk, Spock, Scotty, or Sulu. or follow it on Twitter (where I admit to not having been much in the last few weeks, even on my personal account).

Act 31: The One-Act Play.  Not so much one act anymore.  I talked about this as a bonus act in the last couple of updates, but over the course of April, in odd moments, I’ve flattered myself that I’ve been working on another Star Trek audio drama for Script Frenzy.  The story is very developed in my head, so I’m able to spit a couple of hundred words into the keyboard any time I’ve got five minutes to spare and that’s working very well for me as that’s often all the time I’ve got to spare in the last little while.  I’m currently drafting episode five.  No chance I’m going to make the 100-page “win” for Script Frenzy, but it’s been good to have an easy creative outlet when my stress levels have been high.

Act 33: The Pop Song.  I may previously have mentioned something Star Wars-y, and I also penned a Star Trek filk a little while ago titled “Klingons and Tribbles and Phasers, Oh My”, but a few days ago at work a song crystallized in my head around a chorus I’ve had for some time.  Took me about fifteen minutes to write it out longhand on a break.  Now, in addition to a chorus, I’ve got three verses and a short bridge to make up “How Can I Live Without Her”, which I suppose is more like a ballad than a pop song, but I’m giving myself a check mark on this one and will post it once I’ve had a chance to smooth it out a little.

Update next week.  And this time, I really mean next week.


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