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Year of Creation Update #18

You know how I wrote last week that things were settling down and I was slipping back into a routine?  Ha!  The real world kicked my ass this week, but in a good way.  The extra duties I took on at work for a particular large scale project need a lot of time, but are completely worthwhile and I’m actually enjoying the project.

Act 26: Distant Worlds anthology.  Edits still in progress.  Lost some time on this but I’m caught back up to where I was.

Act 27: Distant Realms anthology.  Sixteen stories left in the first round queue.  Yes, slow progress.  I’m going into reading the next one as soon as I post this.

Act 28: Star Trek – Fractured Unity.  See yesterday’s post for full details, but it’s over half cast and, even lacking a couple of principle characters, I’m probably going to distribute Episode 1 scripts very soon to those who have confirmed. or Twitter.

Act 31: Audio Drama Script.  A hair under 90 pages of script for the second season of Star Trek Voyages.  Not done yet, and I may have to split the final episode in half, or just let it be really long as things are not tying together quickly enough.  But it’s fun to write, and that’s the point.

Next YoC update on the 12th.  Will I have more to update?  Well, my fifteenth wedding anniversary is tomorrow and I think some celebration is definitely in order for that.  It’s important enough to take up my weekend this week, and the extra stuff for work continues for the next two weeks.  I guess the answer is probably not much more than this week, but any progress is good progress.


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