Small Realities

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Year of Creation Update #19

Not going to put much in this post, sorry.  More details next week, probably, but I need every spare moment of this weekend to make some good anthology progress.  Work still in the midst of a major project and home still making sure my family recognizes me.

Act 28: Star Trek – Fractured Unity.  Two-thirds cast and I’m going to give Episode One a last run through to make sure everything is good before I convert it to pdf and ship it out to everyone.  Finding time to do the production work might be a challenge, but there’s only a week and a half left before work goes back to normal and the rest of my life should have settled by then, too.

Act 31: Audio Drama Script.  Given just a few minutes tonight, I’ll break 100 script pages, not even two weeks after the end of Script Frenzy.  Doubt I’ll find the time, though.  Tomorrow if I’m lucky.

I will try to put something else interesting up here in the next couple of days.  Maybe even a Fri-ku for the first time in several weeks.


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