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Year of Creation Update #24

It’s been an odd week in a lot of ways, most, but not all, of them good.  I’ve made some progress, but not all of it where I expected to.

Act 6: Thorvald’s Wyrd.  Scene 83 is complete, not quite as many as last week, but not bad.  Two scenes posted so far and the next tomorrow, giving each a final read and polish as it goes up.  I’m going with three scenes per week right now, but if anyone actually likes it and asks, I’ll push that number higher.

Act 7: Complete!  Ha!  Where did this one come from?  It’s a flash piece, a touch over 800 words long at the moment, and I’m going to submit to Rigor Amortis once it’s had another editing pass or two.

Act 8: Complete.  What?  Yup.  I had an idea for Dead Bait 2 last week, spent a little bit of time on Friday fleshing out a basic plot, let it bubble for a couple of days, and burned through it on Monday.  I’d actually intended to do some Editing, but had a great thought for the first line (which shortly became the second line) and the story just wouldn’t let me go.  About two hours later, I had a 2,861-word first draft.  I still have to find time to edit it before the end of the month.  Yeah, I know.  Good luck.  I’m not getting enough sleep as it is.

Act 25: Eleven of fifteen sonnets complete.  A couple of them don’t suck.  In the home stretch.

Act 26: Distant Worlds.  Revision notes still in progress.  Feeling slower all the time, but I’m on vacation from the “Day” job next week.

Act 27: Distant Realms.  Nine stories left to read first round.  Trying.  Really.

Act 28: Fractured Unity.  Still short some lines for Episode 1, but I have enough that there are several scenes I can put together.  This is really exciting.  I need to get started.

Can we say “overcommitted”, boys and girls?  My own fault, and I’ll have to deal with it.  Choices and priorities.  Vacation next week and the creative focus will be anthology work.  And painting the kitchen.  That second thing doesn’t sound very creative, but I’ll have to find a way.  I will do some audio work and a little of my own writing.


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