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Year of Creation Update #25

Vacation week.  And that means catch up week on a large number of things, focusing primarily on Distant Worlds and Distant Realms in terms of creative time spent.  But that’s not all I’ve done over the past seven days (this is only day 4 of 9 off).

Act 6: Thorvald’s Wyrd.  Scene 97 is complete and only a handful of scenes from beginning the final confrontation; not quite as many scenes written as last week, but not bad.  Five scenes posted so far, but with the new projection of 120, I think I need to post faster.  No one has said anything yet, though.  Maybe three each week is okay?  Should I go to five?  Should it be daily?  It’s not a web-comic, but takes only a little longer to read one episode.

Act 25: Complete!  The Crown of Sonnets is done!  One or two of them are even readable.  Some polishing required before they could potentially be posted, but I’m going to put them away for a few weeks fist.

Act 26: Distant Worlds.  So far this “vacation”, I’m managing about 20 manuscript pages per day of Editing for DW.

Act 27: Distant Realms.  And one full story for DR Reading.  I won’t be able to manage either every single day, but the pace is making me happy on both right now.

Act 28: Fractured Unity.  Have received all audio for episode 1 and I’ve started stitching things together to make real conversations.  Except for the first scene.  Sulu.  I need someone to play Sulu.  Someone who isn’t me.  You don’t need to sound like him or have a Japanese accent, just be male and in the same general tonal range.  Anyone?

Focus.  That’s the key.  Well, and having the time available in a quiet house while I don’t do the household tasks that I’m supposed to take care of this week. <g>


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