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Thorvald’s Wyrd

With the first 20 (at this moment) scenes of Thorvald’s Wyrd posted, I’ve decided there really ought to be something of a lead in at the top of the page.

Thorvald’s Wyrd is a fantasy story told entirely in drabble-length (100-word) scenes.  My original plan called for 100 scenes, but the tale grew a little in the telling and the final count  came in at 129 .  Not quite as nice a numerical conjunction, but I’d have to chop too much to make it fit the original outline and I think the story works as it is.  It borrows a bit from Norse mythology and takes a sort of Heroes Quest path.

The latest scene is probably right below this post, or the one below that at most, and I’m trying to put five scenes up each week right now.  Links to the first scene and the index page.

With each scene only 100 words long, it makes for quick reading.  Comments welcome here or by e-mail (schonberg_lance at hotmail dot com).  Hope you enjoy the tale.


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