Small Realities

Inside the mind of Lance Schonberg

Year of Creation Update #31

Time pours through my fingers lately.

Act 26: Distant Worlds.  Revision notes continue.  Why am I so slow at this?

Act 28: Fractured Unity.  No progress this week, which makes me very sad.

Act 30: Short Film.  Charlie’s Angels: The Next Generation is about the only thing I feel like I’ve made significant steps on this week.  I’m at the top of page 39 and projecting 45 to finish the story.  It’s amazing what you can type in five-minute bursts sometimes.

I’m trying to put myself on a regular schedule in several ways.  Regular weekly updates to the DW authors and ST cast and making sure I answer e-mails to both as quickly as I can.  The two major barriers to finding decent blocks of time to work are still the same: Day Job and children home for the summer.  Not excuses, but explanations. (An excuse implies denial of responsibility and that would be silly.)

The one schedule that’s easy to keep is the two or three minutes it takes me to put up a new scene of Thorvald’s Wyrd, a final read to see if it needs any tweaks, a quick copy and paste, and making sure the links are right.  If only everything else ran as smoothly.


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