Small Realities

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Thorvald’s Wyrd 033

As the Moon gained height in the sky, the Plain glowed, sparkling under the silver radiance and swallowing the stars beneath his feet.  A wise man once told him Mani had no light of His own, only reflecting a bit of Sunna’s brilliance out of love for his sister.

Yet with Sunna imprisoned under the Mountain of Ice, He had nothing to reflect, yet still shone, and as He rose higher, His light began to shift and change, veins of red spreading to swallow silver.

Thorvald began to think the god might hold something other than love in His heart.

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2 thoughts on “Thorvald’s Wyrd 033

  1. Just checking in to say I’m still loving this. What’s overtaken the moon? Looking forward to the next one. 🙂

    • Hmm. This scene must need a rewrite or maybe I need a little more groundwork earlier. In most of the Norse mythology I’ve read, the Moon and Sun are brother and sister. I’m pushing the personification a bit, with Mani angry at his sister’s kidnapping.

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