Small Realities

Inside the mind of Lance Schonberg

Year of Creation Update #32

Another fast week, but with a little bit more accomplished.

Act 26: Distant Worlds.  Revision notes are still ongoing, but I’m making  progress.

Act 28: Fractured Unity.  I’ve added the sound and music to the first scene of Episode 1.  Just have to find the right set of footsteps for Kirk and Spock walking to the turbolift, but it sounds pretty awesome, if I say so myself.

Act 30: Short Film.  The script is complete for Charlie’s Angels: The Next Generation.  Well, the first draft, anyway.  Forty-five pages of fun written mostly in 5-10 minutes sessions.  It needs some revisions, but the kids and I are talking about evening and weekend filming in September, after school’s back in.

Switching back to day shift at work which is probably not going to materially affect the amount of free time I have until September when the kids go back to school.  I’m scheduled to have that week off of work (events conspired against me for any vacation in the summer this year) and may even take it.  Extra productivity?  We’ll see.


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