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NaNoWriMo Decision

Putting a twist on NaNoWriMo this year by asking everyone what they’d like to see me write for it.  I’ve rough-plotted (very rough – about 250 words each) three different stories and would love to know what you want me to write.

The original post is pretty long, and still found here, but I thought there should be a shorter version to interfere less with the visibility of new scenes in Thorvald’s Wyrd as they’re posted, or of whatever else I put up, like the Year of Creation updates I haven’t found time for in the last few weeks.

Vote early, vote often (the poll will let you).


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3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Decision

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  2. Military SF and YA Fantasy may be more salable, but they’re also sorta-played-out. I wouldn’t mind seeing those fields fallow for a few seasons, so my vote was for Bronze-Age fantasy. Seems like it’s about time for a comeback.

    I’m thinking I won’t be doing NaNoWriMo this year, or not as such–I might use the daily word count as short-story goals, but I’m still musing….

    • NaSSCWriMo? (Short Story Collection)

      Thanks for voting. I’ll be happy to write any of the three stories and I’m trying not to have a favourite, but the Bronze Age has been ignored for a while. I don’t know about played out, but there’s certainly a lot of both available, and as long as it’s a good story…

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