Small Realities

Inside the mind of Lance Schonberg

Year of Creation Update #38

This week has been strange and I haven’t gotten as much done as I would have liked, but that’s hardly anything new for a week in 2010.  Always hoping for the rest of the year to be better.

Act 10: Short Story.  A complete reworking of “A Grand Tradition” which I never did quite finish, really.  I have a better ending in mind than the one I’d originally planned, we’ll see how it goes.  A little over 2300 words and I’ve just started the last scene.

Act 11: Short Story.  Tentatively titled “Santas and Bears” and involving alien practical jokes.  A hair under 3,000 words, but I’m not quite sure what’s next.  This is a spontaneous story, completely unencumbered by plotting in advance.

Act 27: Distant Realms.  Still waiting to hear back from the author of one of the accepted stories, but I’ve made the final selections and will announce the TOC on the anthology blog when I’ve got that response.  I have started revision notes on the first story, barely.

I’m bordering on declaring September the Month of Death.  It’s not quite that bad (though it does seem that I find out someone I know or someone related to someone I know is dying or dead about every second day), but it’s shaping up to be a depressing month.  I could stand a bit of good news about now.


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