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The Month of Catching Up

Sometimes the universe doesn’t play fair.  Who am I kidding?  The universe never plays fair, but sometimes it seems worse than others.  September had a lot of personal stuff to stress over and I’ve had better years than 2010 by a good long stretch, but it’s no use complaining.  However, I have officially declared October to be the Month of Catching Up. Plus I want to do NaNoWriMo in November, so I really need to catch up, and the things that get priority are the external commitments I’ve made:  Distant Worlds, Distant Realms, Star Trek: Fractured Unity, and Thorvald’s Wyrd.  The Year of Creation isn’t on hold, but it looks more like it’s going to be a Year-and-a-Half of Creation, or whatever.  So be it.

Distant Worlds: my revision notes are done and three stories are back from the authors.  Artwork and layouts are beginning to be discussed.  I want this anthology out in the world as soon as possible.  It would be a wonderful thing if people could buy it for Christmas presents.

Distant Realms:  I’m about 25% finished my notes on the first story.  Far too slow, so I need to pick up speed.  Table of contents to be posted shortly, as soon as I get confirmation back from the fifth author.  Or maybe I’ll post the almost-complete TOC and just add to it when I get that e-mail.

Fractured Unity: this has been stalled a bit, but I’ve set aside a couple of hours each for my two days off this week (Monday and Tuesday), to get back into the groove.  Save a little Carpal Tunnel for me.

Thorvald’s Wyrd: yes, I know I haven’t posted a scene in over a week.  For the people reading the tale, I’m very sorry.  For everyone else, you probably haven’t noticed.  But the dry spell ends tomorrow: the next five scenes are scheduled and should automatically post in the morning of every weekday this week.  There will also be an auto-tweet and FB status update to go with each.  I’ll try to keep ahead of this for the next little while, but of note is scene 65, posting on Tuesday, is the exact middle scene of the story.

Beyond these things, I’m not starting anything new that I haven’t already committed to, except probably NaNo, but there are a couple of small things in progress, too, and I’m doing a little voice work for people in the next little while.  I think I’m just about always willing to do a small part for someone who asks nicely.

Oh, and if you want to help me decide on the NaNo journey this year, please vote.  The poll is stickied up above.


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