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One of My Children Has Gone Crazy…

Or maybe just crazier.  I opened my personal e-mail after about a six-hour absence (and it’s about an hour and a half past weekend/holiday bedtime for the younger two) to find that someone has registered for an account on seven (7!) different kids’ sites.  Now, while I appreciate that said sites want to apprise me of my child’s interest in their fun and games (I am an over-protective dad, after all), I suddenly regret the younger Offspring’s knowledge of my e-mail address.

How much junk mail am I going to get from these sites?  I get enough from the crazy number of sites they already have accounts at.  Never mind that I need to check out each of these sites before I can allow registration to continue.  It could be worse, though.  Last summer, the youngest went through a phase of entering every online contest she could find.  Fortunately, she used mom’s address for most of them.


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