Small Realities

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Thorvald’s Wyrd 121

The most beautiful face in nine worlds smiled down on him, glowing with a warmth unknown to mortals.  Sunna held out a pulsing hand.  “Come.  We must leave here, Saviour.”

It took tremendous effort to pull his arms free before Thorvald could press numb palms against the great corpse’s shoulders to sit on its back.  He held a deep breath until his lungs ached, then exhaled and reached for her hand.  A wave of dizziness rolled across him as he stood, but whether from exhaustion or the touch of a Goddess, he knew not.

Hands linked, they turned to leave.


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2 thoughts on “Thorvald’s Wyrd 121

  1. Just excellent. Very satisfying end to the sorcerer, I must say. That’s why they sent a man, because a god probably wouldn’t stoop to bare-handed combat. And I love the description of Sunna.

    Can’t wait for the next one!

    • Thank you for all the praise. I was a bit worried about how Thorvald finally took care of Icewind. Not exactly playing nice, but then, what self respecting Viking warrior wouldn’t do everything he had to do to win the battle?

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