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Thorvald’s Wyrd 129

Of sunset, only a red glow in the west remained.  Bright stars sprinkled the sky, heralds of the crisp, clear night to come.  Witness to all he’d experienced saving only those final moments deep in the Mountain, those same stars flickered and blinked.  They watched him still.

Cold began to gnaw through Thorvald’s boots and mittens, and hunger at his belly.  The fire and stewpot called.  Inside, the warm glow welcomed him home and he stared into the flames while he ate.

After a time, a knock came behind him and, setting down his bowl, Thorvald turned for the door.


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5 thoughts on “Thorvald’s Wyrd 129

  1. Is your character finally at peace? It seems like he is. A very simple and balanced ending.

    • At peace, but I like to think there’s still a little excitement in his future, even if it doesn’t involve saving the whole of the Norse universe.

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  3. I have enjoyed this series so much, Lance. It’s just beautiful from start to finish.

    Now when’s the ebook coming out, and the sequel? I’m ready. 🙂

    • Soon I hope, Grace. Doing some reading in the handful of spare seconds I have at the moment. I’m even contemplating a POD version using Createspace.

      And thanks so much for your kind words all the way along. Thanks for sharing the journey.

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