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I’m giving up writing.  How’s that for ending a two-month blog drought?

Now that the collective gasp is out of the way, I don’t mean permanently, or even completely, but I am seriously cutting back (because I’ve been doing oh so much lately).  I will be doing a lot of editing over the next little while, though most of it in the short term will be other people’s work, and probably some plotting, too.  For a lot of reasons I’m not going into, I haven’t accomplished an awful lot this year so far and I’m hoping to change that over the next little bit.  Things have improved on several fronts, but while they took the time to get better, a lot of things had to go on the back burner, even stuff that’s supposed to be on the front, and I’ve got too many commitments made to family, work, and other people to selfishly steal time for myself.

So, the plan.

I have about half of a 20,000 (ish) word novella that, when it’s intertwined with two others novellas (one of which is already drafted), will hopefully form a coherent story.  That’s the idea, anyway.  But it’s going to take a while to finish.  Between this one and the next, a few months because I’m only allowing myself twenty minutes per day for my own work.  That’s all.

It’s time to step up as the Executive Librarian I’m supposed to be.  I’ve got lots of Library stuff to take care of, including editing, artwork to find, and a bunch of admin-type work that I really should have taken care of a long time ago.  High gear.

I’m supposed to have produced a Star Trek audio drama by now, and I still intend to, if my voice actors will ever forgive how little time I’ve devoted to it in the past few months.  If not, well, I’ve made the bed and will have to lie in it.  Once I’m caught up on anthology work, this is the big thing.  I’m hoping by the first of June.

At a rough count, there are 35 stories and 1.5 novels on the hard drive that I consider salvageable (actually, it might be as many as two novels, but that’s spread across three completed first drafts).  There are a dozen more shorts at various points in the first draft and a couple of partial novels I’d like to finish, but all of these are of far lower priority.  The finished but unpolished stories are the new 2011 writing focus, but not until after I’ve caught up, and maybe gotten ahead on my other obligations.  I’ll spend a few minutes here and there to keep my brain working in that area, but it’s not the primary task right now.

However, I am going to get back to the Tuesday Serial.  Thorvald’s Wyrd was fun, and will eventually (hopefully sooner rather than later) become an e-book, and I like the serialized fiction concept.  Some people will tell you it’s the way of the future.  I think it might be part of the way, but more importantly I enjoy the process, and I’ve got two stories I plan to do this year: a 35,000 word novella that will start posting next Tuesday (Wait, that’s tomorrow!  Tune in!), and an 8,000 word SF (sort of) Christmas story that I’ll do for November and December.  Both stories are ready, barring last minute tiny fixes before each chapter/scene gets posted, so the only time commitment is the actual posting.

So the rest of 2011 = Library, Audio, polishing, Tuesday Serial, e-books.  Oh, and more regular blogging; let’s shoot for twice per week.  I’m not saying I won’t start any new fiction for the rest of this year, but it’s going to be a little while, at least.  Twenty minutes per day can add up, but not too fast.  I’ll be happy to get the current first draft novel done by the end of the year.


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