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The Great Blog Migration

So while I was doing other work yesterday afternoon, I did some blog importing in the background.  What’s that, you ask?  Well, I have several previous blogs on different services still out there in the wilds of the intertubes, though I may fix that now.  The posts from all of my previous blogs have now migrated here to Small Realities.  Some of the posts from Livejournal came through with a few code remnants or no spaces between sentences, but it was a pretty easy process.

Let’s see, my personal blogging history:

Tool of the Day (Nov 2004 to January 2005 – a period when I was politically annoyed and felt the need to point out what some really stupid politician did a couple of times per week)

The WAL Plus (November 2006 – meant to be a more positive, upbeat blog than the previous one, but there were only two posts before I migrated to from Blogger)

The WAL (December 2006 to November 2008 – the blog where I was probably the most me: eclectic and more amused with the world at large and in parts)

The Adventures of Writing Dad (December 2008 to February 2010 – trying to focus more on writing with occasional mention of my kids)

Small Realities (January 2010 to date – Didn’t start out that way, but I’m slipping back to being a whole me online again.  This is where things will stay until I’m ready to have my own domain, which I keep promising myself so it really ought to happen soon, right?)

Adding everything up, this post makes 456 total blog posts, but if I take out all of the scenes of Thorvald’s Wyrd and Turn the World Around (1 so far!), we come up with 326 which averages out to 1.4 posts per week if you don’t count the empty time between Tool and the first WAL.  Sorry, have I mentioned I’m obsessed by numbers?  (If you’d like another example of that obsession, I have writing logs going back to when I first started taking it seriously on the 15th of August 2007, where I note that the first thing I recorded working on was a blog post of 399 words, shortened a bit when posted the next day).

And what, exactly, is this post relevant to or inspired by?  Well, nothing really.  I just thought that it was neat to collect everything together.  Happy Chocolate Overdose Weekend!


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