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6 Comic Books That Should Be Made Into Movies

There’s been a flood of comic books jumping to the big screen in the last decade.  Most of them are the big names—Spider-Man, Batman, Superman (trend here) and so on—but there are some things you don’t necessarily expect, and those often turn out better (The Watchmen and Kick Ass spring to mind.  Jonah Hex was strange, and I’ve got high hopes for Cowboys and Aliens.).  Hollywood is on a comic book kick, and not just doing the classics in an era when otherwise no one wants to experiment with new ideas.

I like this and think it should be encouraged.  There are a lot of comics that would make great movies.  A lot.  I’d like to submit six for consideration, in case anyone might be interested, and I wonder if any of them are on anyone else’s list.  In no particular order:

  1. The Tick


So yes, the Tick has had both a cartoon and a very short run (9 episodes) live action television show.  But with big-budget CGI and two hours to work with, think of the trouble the Big Blue Bug of Justice could get into.  Spoon!

  1. Elfquest

I don’t think one movie would be enough for Elfquest.  Even a trilogy might be pushing things just for the original series.  Sure, you could leave a lot out to compress things down to a single film, but I think you’d be losing too much, and I’m just talking about the first Quest.  Maybe this would be better as a TV series.  Among other things, the story is about finding a place where you belong, not an easy thing when you’re hunted and hated by the world around you.  There’s a lot more to it, of course, and a lot more great story that comes after, too.

  1. Fusion

Fusion was an unfortunately short-lived SF comic in the late 80s, focused around a small group of traders/mercenaries struggling to make a living in a galaxy not yet recovered from a series of wars.  Humans are rare, especially the unmodified variety, and most sentients come in the form of uplifted animals.  Throw in that every character has depth and individuality (and secrets in his/her past) and that, really, the whole universe is out to get you, and you’ve got the makings of a great story.  One made for the big screen.

  1. Magnus: Robot Fighter

Magnus has had a bunch of incarnations since the early 60s when he first appeared, but they all share some basics.  Two thousand years in the future, humans are more or less lazy, complacent, and totally dependent on robots.  This is a bad thing.  Enter Magnus: Robot Fighter to save humanity and, with a little twist, robots, too.  Can you say big budget action flick?  I hear a rumour every so often that someone else can, but Hollywood hasn’t managed it yet.

  1. Kingdom Come

A couple of decades in the future, the traditional DC heroes (Superman, Wonder Woman, et al) gear up to face off against the spoiled and obnoxious next generation of vigilantes in a conflict that could end the world.  What’s not to love?

  1. Alien Legion

If there’s one comic I wish could come back into print, it’s Alien Legion.  Yes, I’ve got a well known liking for well-done military SF and AL qualified from the first issue.  This is a 100% CGI film in the making, no doubt.  There are far too many different alien species in the Legion, and only one of them is human.  Conflicts that shake galaxies, and action like you’ve never seen it on the big screen.  Gimme, gimme.

So don’t reboot Spider-Man or Superman.  Don’t make everything about the Avengers.  Don’t just stick to the superheroes we all know about already.  Find something new.  Give me something different, something cool, something I can sink some serious mental teeth into.  Don’t be afraid to make it nostalgic so you can catch the geeks with kids (like me).  And don’t spare the processors.  You’ve got the computer capacity, Hollywood.  Use it.  Start with the six I’ve listed here.  Come back and see me when you’re done.

Anyone want to throw another title out there?

(Note: all cover images courtesy of The Comic Book Database.  Crazy level of comic info available there.)


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