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The Story That Won’t Go Away

Confession time.

When I first accepted the mantle of Senior Librarian, Fantasy Branch (Editor), I told myself, and think I probably posted, that I didn’t intend to write any Fantasy while serving in that capacity.  I haven’t done a lot of writing this year and most of it has focused on the current novel project (military SF, sort of, project named Warforge), and a handful of short stories, also SF.  I’ve done a little bit of editing of my own work, and some of that is definitely Fantasy, but all of it previously written, nothing new.  I don’t want there to be any perception of conflict of interest.

But a Fantasy story has been jabbing me in the back of the skull for a couple of months.  One of the main characters, what I originally thought was the main character, is very persistent and very demanding.  She’s a gladiator, a fighting slave in the heart of an empire teetering on the edge of collapse into civil war, and she’s more or less demanding that I tell her story.

Now you’d think, since she’s a figment of my imagination, that I could more or less tell her to stuff it and get on with all of the things I’m supposed to be doing.  The writers among you are laughing at me for that statement, because you all know that’s not how it works.  And besides, she’s not exactly a nice individual and favours a pair of short, and very sharp, swords.

So I’m giving in, grudgingly.  I’ve allowed myself to begin writing her story, and the things connecting it with other events, but to keep maximum separation from other work, I’ve decided it all has to be done old school.  Everything is on paper; no computer allowed.  I can only work on Alishra’s story after I’ve turned the laptop off, when I’m lying in bed not too far from sleep.  Oh, she has her own notebook.  Two, in fact, since I need somewhere to do world-building.  But she’s staying off the computer and that doesn’t seem to offend her.  I’m not even managing 100 words per day at the moment and that doesn’t seem to offend her.  Which is good, because right now I can’t afford to give her more attention than that.

The real problem is I feel like this is a multi-book story.  At 100 words per day, it might take a long time to write.

But I’m probably okay with that, too.  At least it will be getting written.


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