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A Little Good News Is Nice

A little lighter than yesterday’s slightly depressing post, it is worth noting that a couple of good things have happened to me, writing-wise, in the last little while.

I think I mentioned a little while back that Alienology: Tales From the Void is now available on and (and probably on, too), and my story “Common Ground” can be found in its pages.  I think I also mentioned that Golden Visions Magazine has accepted “Dragonomics” and will publish it in their Winter print issue this year.

What I didn’t mention in that post is that I’ve also had a story accepted and now published by Flagship.  “The Guardian of Xarg” appears in issue 6, released maybe two weeks ago (a lot of the last month is a blur).  From the title, you might guess it’s a humorous piece, and you’d be mostly right.  It’s really worth noting that Flagship does a full audio version of each issue as well, and I think Guardian came out rather well, thanks to the voice of Laura Nicole. (Click the picture for a larger cover.)

Going ahead from here, “Turn the World Around” will continue as a Tuesday Serial.  Twelve of a planned thirty-two posts have gone up, and if I keep to one per week it will finish the last Tuesday of November.  I say planned not because the story isn’t finished (it is, quite), but because I’m trying to keep each post to 1500 words or less.  Most posts fall into the 800-1000 words, but I there are a few longer chapters and I don’t like to break them into too many pieces, so I try to stay under the 1500 mark for those.  The “average” post works out to a little under 1100 words across the whole story.

Look for the return of Daily Haiku to my Twitter and Facebook streams.  Also look for more frequent blog posts.  Certainly not daily, but there are a lot of things in my head that aren’t necessarily writing-related, and sometimes I want to talk about things out loud.

Tune in tomorrow for the next chunk of “Turn the World Around”.

And yes, today’s schedule mostly worked. Tomorrow’s may need tweaking. It’s a work in progress, but then isn’t everything.


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