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WFC2012 – It’s Official

Well, according to the Attending Members page of the WFC2012 website, it’s official.  I will be at World Fantasy Convention 2012 inToronto.  I’m going.

See, there I am right after Robert J. Sawyer.  Very august company (and he’s a really nice guy, too—I met him several times back in my book industry days).

Of course, as far as I’m concerned, it was official as soon as I pressed the PayPal button and spent the money.  I am going to WFC2012.

There’s a lot to do between now and then, a lot of ground to make up and a lot of projects to finish off, but WFC gives me a wonderful goal and a really cool reward for what in several ways has been a tough couple of years.  The tough period is never over, probably, but you learn to adapt to different things and that’s been harder the last little while.  If I figure out why, maybe I’ll post about it.

Veering back from the tangent: WFC2012, whoo-hoo!  At this moment, I can honestly say there is nothing I’m not looking forward to about the Convention.  Well, except maybe the potential for picking up a little Con Crud, but that’s a risk in any large gathering, right?


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