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Remembrance Day

Today was the first Remembrance Day in the past eight or nine years I haven’t had to explain to someone why it’s the most relevant nationally recognized day we have in this country, that Remembrance Day, in fact, brings relevance to all of the other holidays and observances our culture has or all of the ones people might wish it had.

It’s not an argument anyone has ever won with me, and I don’t foresee that changing.  Ever.  Several people have given up and just walked away with some mumbled statement about how I’m stuck in the past, but most people I’ve had the discussion with are pretty easy to convince.

My primary reasoning is a little personal, beyond my having grandparents and great-grandparents who served their countries (mostly Canada and the UK) in various conflicts, and it’s very simple, really.  If the Canadians and Americans had stayed home for World War II, I would not exist.

The details: my father was born in an occupied country.  Had the war ended differently, his family would never have been allowed to emigrate to Canada in the 1950s, he would never have met my mother, and I would never have been born.

Pretty straight forward logic chain, although I suppose there may be people with differing opinions on the importance of that last link.  However, without me, my kids wouldn’t have been born and the world needs all three of them desperately.

But even without my personal reason, I can usually solve the argument with one question: would you want to live in a world where the Greater German Reich occupied all of Europe?  Think all of the ramifications through.  Yeah, thought not.


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