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Halo Anniversary

I first played Halo near the end of 2003 when it had already been out for nearly two years.  Fell instantly in love with the story, the action, the characters.  And up until I bought Halo 2, not long after it finally released to PC, it was still the best FPS I’d ever played (and I go back to the original Wolfenstein 3D).

Took me a long time to play Halo 3 since it didn’t get released for PC and I didn’t feel the need for a console until my son was old enough to start bugging me constantly for something other than the old Gamecube or newer Wii (bought as a family system because I also have younger daughters).

He and I started playing Halo and Halo 2 on the PC well before the XBox came into the house.  We got Halo: Reach the same day as the XBox and we’ve both spent too much time on it (although Gamer Boy a lot more than me).  It’s his favourite game and the entire reason he wanted an XBox instead of anything else.  We backtracked to play Halo 3 and ODST, separately and together.

We got to play a multiplayer demo at FanExpo this year and, to be honest, it more or less felt like Reach.  Were the graphics a little better?  Hard to say.  Was the sound a little better?  Hard to say.  Multiplayer felt about the same as Reach so it didn’t really excite me all that much.  But the idea of playing the original campaign with Reach level tech, well, that excited me.

So, tomorrow morning, without telling my son (who doesn’t read my blog or pay attention to what I post on Facebook, so there’s no risk to this), I’ll be making a trip out for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition.  How could I not?

And yes, I’m looking forward to Halo 4, too, but that’s next year.


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